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Big Data Analytics

Put your big data to work for smart, actionable insight and data-driven decision-making. Empower big data with interactive, real-time visual data analysis and predictive modeling, with zero IT support.

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Data Integration

Quickly and easily consumes, organize, analyze, visualize, deliver the data to your business (no coding required).

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Kubernetes migration

moving your infrastructure to Kubernetes cloud, enterprise capabilities deliver security, flexibility and scalability designed for your IT and business requirements.

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Modern data quality service

Improve your data quality the right way in developing a modern data warehouse. Cleansed and matched data result in reliable, authoritative data from which sound decisions can be made.

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Data Cast

Stop watching analytics, start listening and get tips about the key factors through customized cast for your data or competitors’ data.

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Social Media Cast

Listen to Critical Conversations and Behaviors in Your Market Driven by a Powerful AI Engine. Access the intelligence you need to succeed. Whether it’s your audience, competitors or brand advocates, know the real impact they have on your brand.

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BIG DATA Platform


For BIG DATA Platform

Let machine think and build your analytics with ZERO CODE

  • Auto Visualize your hundered of millions in real time
  • Consume your data from various sources including API, Databases and iot data
  • Thanks for Kubernetes, allow us to build system with zero downtime
  • Deployable on premise or on cloud
  • Integrate or build machine learning models without less IT team support

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Social Media Alanltics

For Social Media Alanlytics

One place for all social media listening

  • Analyze billions of social media conversation in real time
  • Define customer segmentation with machine learning models
  • Target potential customers with location model for more that 103 countries
  • Improve customer experience with sentiment analysis for more than 9 arabic dialict

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About Company


For the next great business

Businesses use vegadata to turn data into a compose that brings people to listen— robots’ experts and domain experts alike—together to solve hardest problems and drive decistions.

  • helping you manage your customer data seriously no matter the size of your business.
  • Data Secure and private by default
  • Configurable and controlled platform
  • Get insights about your customers faster without needing ETL pipelines

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